Public Participation During CSURA Board

A. Public comment section of the agenda for The Colorado Springs Urban Renewal Authority (CSURA) Board meeting. Persons including Board members shall be permitted to address the Board on topics relevant to CSURA business during the Citizen Comment period of the meeting.

B. Manner of Addressing CSURA. A member of the public desiring to address the CSURA Board shall sign up to speak, including his or her name, address, group affiliation (if any) and the topic on which he or she desires to speak. A sign-up sheet will be provided on the day of the scheduled Board meeting for all persons wishing to address the Board. The Chairman may group related comments. Groups with similar comments are requested to identify one spokesperson. When called upon by the Chairman, the person shall stand, state his or her name, address, and group affiliation (if any) and speak clearly. The public may only approach the Board with the permission of the Chairman. Time permitting, the Chairman may allow additional comments from members of the audience that did not previously sign up.

C. Time Limits

1) Citizen Comment Period. Members of the public shall be provided up to three (3) minutes presentation time during the Citizen Comment on a first come, first served basis. The Citizen Comment Period will not exceed 15 minutes unless the Board agrees to extend the time period as follows: The Chairman may modify the time limit or limit comments to a fixed time period, subject to a determination otherwise by approval of an appropriate motion by the CSURA Board.

2) Remarks to be Germane. Public comments must be directed to items that appear on the agenda for the particular meeting at the commencement of the meeting. The Chairman shall rule on the germaneness of public comments. Only those requests conforming to subject matter requirements will be approved. The Chairman may modify the subject matter requirements, subject to a determination otherwise by approval of an appropriate motion by the CSURA Board. Abusive, personal, impertinent, irrelevant, slanderous or profane remarks or loud, threatening, personal or abusive language shall not be allowed. The public comment period also may not be used by a party in negotiation or litigation with CSURA to address matters related to the negotiation or litigation.

3) CSURA Board Questions. A member of the CSURA Board, before or during the consideration of any matter, or in the course of a hearing, may request and receive information, explanations or recommendations of any staff member, consultant, city staff or any person speaking. In order to provide sufficient time for all citizens wishing to address the Board, the Chairman will direct questions to the support staff person for a response after the meeting as appropriate.

4) Enforcement. Any person who makes threatening, abusive, personal, impertinent, irrelevant, slanderous or profane remarks which disrupt, disturb or otherwise impede the orderly conduct of the CSURA Board meeting, or who otherwise engages in any other disorderly conduct which disrupts, disturbs, or otherwise impedes the orderly conduct of any CSURA Board meeting, shall be upon the direction of the Chairman or a majority of the CSURA Board, barred from further attendance at that CSURA Board meeting. In that event, it would be the duty of a peace officer, upon the request of the Chairman, to issue such commands and take such actions as may be necessary to eliminate the disruptive conduct and restore peace and order to the proceedings