About City Gate

Approved by Colorado Springs City Council on September 25, 2007.

The CityGate project area consists of 11 parcels located at the southwestern edge of Downtown Colorado Springs. Formerly the site of several abandoned industrial warehouse and manufacturing buildings, the CityGate property is poised for redevelopment and could potentially serve as a gateway to the Southwest Downtown urban renewal area. Elements of a redevelopment program in the area include high quality commercial and mixed-use developments which integrate a range of non-residential uses with residential uses including above ground floor commercial (vertically integrated) where appropriate, as well as property improvements, supported by strategic public investment to infrastructure (including utilities) and parking within and adjacent to the Area boundaries. This combination of elements will further promote development and redevelopment of the larger Downtown area and serve as a transitional product (in density) between the single family neighborhood to the south and future redeveloped Southwest Downtown to the north.


economic impact

Build-Out Projections

Retail: 106,700 sq. ft.

Office: 158,000 sq. ft.

Residential: 193 units

Entertainment and Recreation: 31,000 sq. ft.

Developer Contact

Mr. Steve Engel
102 North Cascade Avenue, 5th floor
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
P: (719) 520-1234

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