About Gold Hill Mesa

Approved by Colorado Springs City Council on June 28, 2011.

Gold Hill Mesa was formerly the site of the Golden Cycle Mill gold processing facility. It operated from 1906 to 1949, processing approximately 15 million tons of ore from the Cripple Creek and Victor gold mines. The property owner restored a badly eroding hillside and enhanced Fountain Creek along U.S. Highway 24 in cooperation with the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and the City of Colorado Springs. Today, the property owner is cleaning the site of environmental contamination (resulting from the mining activity) through the State of Colorado’s Voluntary Cleanup (VCUP) and Redevelopment program.

The cornerstone of the developer’s and community’s vision for the area is creation of a high quality mixed-use traditional neighborhood development. A combination of uses are proposed including a range of housing products, village commercial, region-serving commercial, employment, transit improvements and infrastructure, all of which will further promote redevelopment of the area as a gateway to the City from the west. Multiple pocket parks connect uses, as well as pathways and other open space elements, all regulated by neotraditional neighborhood principles and design standards.


economic impact


Converted a vacant parcel into a productive tax generating use

Cleaned up an urban brownfield site

Diversified local housing products

Provided an alternative urban neighborhood

Completed networking wi‑fi infrastructure for adjacent neighborhoods and schools

Current Impacts To-Date

Residential: 117 units

Build-Out Projections

Retail: 340,000 sq. ft.

Office: 360,000 sq. ft.

Residential: 1,400 units

Developer Contact

Gold Hill Mesa Partners, LLC
Mr. Robert Willard
142 Raven Mine Drive, Suite 200
Colorado Springs, CO 80905
Phone: (719) 444-0330


The Gold Hill Mesa neighborhood which currently includes a range of residential products, at build-out will include: a village commercial center; regional-serving commercial; employment space; transit improvements; and, multiple pocket parks, pathways and other open space elements.

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