About North Nevada Corridor (University Village)

Approved by Colorado Springs City Council on December 14, 2004.

North Nevada Avenue, originally a state owned and operated highway, is now a City-owned arterial that offers direct access to Downtown Colorado Springs. Once host to a range of blighted structures many of which were a danger to inhabitants, North Nevada Avenue has long been an aged industrial corridor supplemented by institutional uses (church and UCCS) and limited commercial retail offerings. In an effort to improve this critical northern gateway in conjunction with planned (now completed) interchange improvements, prepare the roadway for ownership by the City and enhance the environment beyond UCCS’s borders, CSURA in partnership with University Village Developers, UCCS’s administration, and the City of Colorado Springs initiated the community’s largest redevelopment initiative. With phase one of the plan complete as evidenced by the construction of University Village commercial center and significant roadway improvements, additional phases are being planned to include expansion of UCCS in the North Campus, an arena, range of sports facilities, a visual and performing arts center, branch medical campus and apartments. Today, the developer is working with UCCS and their art program, providing scholarship dollars for the design and construction of public art to be displayed along the corridor.


economic impact


Improved northern gateway to City and “front door” to University of Colorado at Colorado Springs campus

Relocated transitional housing

Filled retail void in central portion of the City

Retained key retailers within City boundaries

Current Impacts To-Date

Retail: 651,100 sq. ft.

Build-Out Projections

Retail: 870,000 sq. ft.

Office: 715,000 sq. ft.

Civic: 100,000 sq. ft.

Developer Contact

University Village Developers, LLC
Kratt Commercial Properties
Mr. Kevin Kratt
102 North Cascade Avenue, Suite 250
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
P: (719) 632-5000


The North Nevada Avenue Corridor which currently serves as the “front door” to both the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs campus and University Village commercial center, at build-out will include: a research and development campus; business park; civic, cultural, arts and recreation facilities; along with transportation and gateway improvements.

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