About Vineyard Property

Approved by Colorado Springs City Council on March 22, 2011.

The Vineyard Property was originally developed as a golf course with a clubhouse, restaurant, vineyard and housing for the course staff. Deferred maintenance and environmental contamination made redevelopment of the site costly and difficult. Under the current development proposal, the property would be developed as a data center / industrial park surrounded by approximately 48 acres of open space and riparian environments. Long-term, it is the developer’s intent to partner with local utility providers in constructing an “Energy from Waste” power plant on-site that would operate on renewable energy. In addition to creating jobs, increasing tax revenues, and improving this southern gateway to the community, development of a data center of the scale envisioned here would foster establishment of a curriculum within the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs for the purpose of educating and training a workforce with skills capable of managing and operating the facility.


economic impact


Advanced City’s reputation as a regional hub for data information centers

Catalyzed supportive spin-off businesses

Bred a training program at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

Established the foundation for a regional clean energy partnership

Anchored and improved an aged industrial park

Provided park and recreation amenities for area employees, students and residents

Improved southern gateway to the City

Developer Contact

Vineyards, LLC
Mr. Vince Colarelli
111 South Tejon Street, Suite 112
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
P: (719) 475-7997


The Vineyard Data Center at build-out will include: 750,000 square feet of data center space; (potentially) an “Energy from Waste” power plant; and, 48 acres of open space and riparian environments.

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